The Founder

I’m Chasity Holcomb

Always sporting sweet-grandma-Therapist vibes, with a sprinkle of goofy, and in need of a whole lot of Jesus. Blending it all together to help you show up to life – full.

chasity holcomb // Founder

If we rewind for a sec, I would tell high-school senior class president Chasity that her campaign to “upgrade ya” wouldn’t stop at fighting for a new dress code. Because girl, we’re still trynna push people to the next level!

Now let’s fast forward to me and my hubby becoming parents to two girls under two within 2.5 years of marriage. Yea, so I realized my life would never be the same. And at the same time, I realized that just because life was different it didn’t have to mean that it was damaged.

Now I’m taking everything I know from being a Therapist for almost a decade and giving you an inside look at my life as I journey through motherhood, life, and business.

Over the Years

the Momfully You Journey

became a mom of two under two

Our oldest was born in January 2018. In May of 2018 we were pregnant again :). In 2019 they were both here and healthy! A beautiful, brutal blessing.

Launched momfully you

3 Days before the era that shall remain unspoken *cough* I started creating content to help moms reshape their identity and manage postpartum stress. I sincerely hoped for only 100 moms to be impacted by my content. Well, 5 months later I was knocking at 20k community.

quit my 9-5 // Started private practice

I boo-hooed when I turned in my 2 weeks notice to start my own private practice for new moms. I was scared but my passion outweighed my fears.

launched momfully you academy

The mamas of the internet streets wanted more than the fast-food education version on Instagram. So what did I do? Launched a coaching community to give them the full meal of educational, evidence-based content, groups, workshops, and community!

celebrated 200+ MYA mamas served

Running this program for so many moms is still an unbelievable experience!

created a mentorship for psychotherapists

What is the saying? Reach one, teach one? After getting many inquiries about how I successfully launched a coaching business, I launched a program for Therapists to help them create their own.

closed momfully you & mentorship

Life would have it that I needed to be home with my girls full-time. There was NO way I could balance both or either program while living the SAHM life. So I took a bitter-sweet sabbatical.

returned to momfully you

I had a boomerang experience about Momfully You. And while it won’t look the same as it did prior to the sabbatical, it will still empower moms like you to show up to life – full.


The rest is still unwritten. I hope you’ll help me write it!

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