anxiety course


A course to help moms stop blending

 who they are with the anxiety that they feel.

Anxiety can feel like a controlling enemy

Listen, I know every time you hear “anxiety is a natural emotion” you cringe. Because, in your mind there’s nothing natural about feeling on edge, thinking about the worst case scenario, or feeling stuck in survival mode.

I hear you

It’s hard not to feel like you’re an anxious person when anxiety has taken over the driver seat of your life for so long. You probably feel robbed of the joys of raising your children. Or maybe even angry because of the things you feel like you have to do to control your anxiety.  

You can draw the line between anxiety and your identity.

The good news? I can teach you.

You are not your anxious thoughts

Although it may feel like you haven’t had a moment away from anxiety, it’s true. Detaching Anxiety From Your Identity exists to prove to you just how true this is. 

Throughout this course you will journey through my easy 6 step process of…

Well hello there!

I'm Chasity.

I’m a mom and therapist who happens to know first hand how controlling anxiety may feel. Before my girls got here, I didn’t think the negative thought spirals would catch up to me.

And boy was I wrong. I had to take all of my clinical skills from being a Therapist and apply them to my new role as a mom. 

And now I can’t help but share with you what helped me. 

I know motherhood anxiety has probably taken you by storm. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. I’d love to help you live a full life undefined by anxiety. 


the Detach Anxiety From Your Identity course includes

An explanation of anxiety’s job and how, if unmanaged, impacts who you are.

Simple calming strategies that can easier be integrated into your busy mom schedule.

Learn practical skills to interrupt negative thought spirals with helpful/alternative thought paths.

Develop a tailored plan to help you bring your new found skills into your every day life.

Learn to communicate your needs to your support system.

Commit to nurturing, growing, and becoming the person you want to be outside of anxiety.

as seen in

reclaiming peace has never been easier

1. Get immediate access to the course

receive lifetime access to the course and workbook to help you stop blending who you are with what you feel.

2. Gain the tools you need

get practical strategies created by a mom who can relate and Therapist who can help.

3. Draw the line between anxiety and your identity

grow into the person you want to become without anxiety holding you back. You deserve it!


That is totally up to you! The course is broken down into small bite-sized pieces to make each lesson simple, yet impactful. I encourage you to take your time moving through the lessons and workbook.

As soon as you purchase, you will gain immediate lifetime access to this course. The workbook is downloadable for easy access.

You will receive a 20 page workbook that will help you apply what you’ve learned in each lesson. 

If you are still within 30 days of purchasing the course, and you don’t feel less anxious and more connected to you, I will honor my no questions asked money back guarantee.