How Defining Your Values Can Change Your Life

Early on in my first pregnancy, I found myself in need of some serious space.

Like I didn’t want to talk, see, or touch other people. And you have to understand that is 100% NOT like me.

I’m an extrovert and I love a good hug.

But not during that first trimester. A new kinda boundary was rising up in me and I had no clue where it was coming from.

I found myself being more and more irritated with things that would typically be a heck yes for me. I realize now…

The expression of my values was changing.

Ya see, I’ve always been a seeker of peace (where my enneagram 9’s at?!) and before having children, I had many ways of doing that.

Our core values are the things that drive our decisions, whether we like/dislike something. They also build our character and how we show up in the world.  

Values are the things we seek in every situation, every environment, and every relationship.

And when it’s not there, we feel it.

So while my core value of peace didn’t change, the way I sought after it did. Finding peace looked more like alone time to rest and recuperate from …idk, making a baby all day long? ????

My body and that season of life needed peace in a different way than I could get before.

Had I dismissed this tug from my value for peace, I would’ve constantly felt like something was off.

My boundaries would’ve continued to be crossed (unknowingly by me and others).

My attitude would’ve still been annoyed at every little thing.

But I’m glad I finally listened to the tug from my values. It saved me a lot of heartaches.

Maybe you’re like I was.
Feeling like something is off.
Not feeling completely sure about your boundaries.
Internally annoyed at small things (but not sure why).

If that’s you, I encourage you to
1. Journal about what’s important to you right here, right now.
2. And find ways to incorporate your values into every aspect of your life.

Your values hold so much goodness and direction for your life.

If only we can identify, listen, and follow their lead.

Go get your values!

They can save you a lot of heartaches.

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