Let's heal the root of your anxiety.

How to stop spiraling anxious thought patterns like overthinking and worst-case scenario

How to recognize, regulate, and communicate how you feel without judgment

How to argue and shut down less and build secure intimacy with your husband

Increase confidence in navigating your child's emotions without anxiety and mom rage

You're here because you want to work on

In the span of six months, we'll meet bi-weekly for our 45 min private coaching sessions via zoom. 

You can think of these sessions as structured safety.

I don't just nod and say "umm". I roll up my sleeves, visually map out your anxiety patterns in your marriage and parenting, and give your practical solutions you can implement immediately while also giving you the safety to bring your thoughts and feelings to each session.

I utilize evidence-based and biblical-based strategies that allow you to be the wife and mom you've always dreamed of being, but haven't had the skills to embody... until now 😉.

6 Month Private Coaching Program

one payment of $5,000


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six monthly payments of $833


pay monthly

Reserve your spot and feel more peace and present in your home


Leave each coaching sessions not only knowing the "why" to your anxious relationship patterns but exactly how to fix them.

Complete Coaching

Select your bi-weekly call where you'll meet me same time, same day for the next 6 months. You'll have the predictability to rearrange childhood, work, or other life happenings.

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Click the "book your call'' button below and schedule a time that works for you. On this call I'll assess your Anxiety Blindspot so you know exactly what to work on to heal the root of your anxiety.

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 "My husband can't stop talking about how much I've change. We argue differently and I know it's because of the work we're doing."


"For the first time, I've felt safe enough to get to the root of the patterns I felt like I couldn't change."


"I especially loved the assessment piece which allowed me to see what I need to focus on."