Find your path to having a purposed-filled career
 your home without sacrificing your purpose                     
your home.

Outside of


Work with me

...but let me add that hard shouldn't mean impossible.

Mama, can we agree that caring for yourself, your children, and your career is hard?

You're certain your purpose is to be in your career but mom guilt and your inner self-critic try to convince you otherwise.

You're worried that the lack of structure and mental regulation will rub off on your family. Which is the LAST thing you want to happen.


Your stress levels slowly creep up around 12:00pm on Sunday when you realize you're headed into another work week of overwhelm.


But I know it can feel impossible when...


don't worry... I've got a plan to show you how.


a place of

operate from

you're ready to

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Because you don't have to sacrifice one meaningful thing to fulfill the other.

A proven strategy to having a purposed-filled career outside of your home without sacrificing your purpose within your home.

one on one coaching

Gain confidence in making value-based decisions and setting life changing boundaries with work and home life.

Elevate your self-awareness so you have clarity on exactly what you want and how to bring it to life.

Discover the skills needed to tackle mental roadblocks and overwhelm that keep you feeling stuck and inadequate in the roles you love.

By utilizing the E.A.S.E method you will:

In 12-weeks of personalized coaching, we’ll create and implement a mental and practical plan through my signature method E.A.S.E!

Find your self-advocating voice so you can ask for what you want without guilt or fear of rejection.

We can create your own simple, rinse and repeat process using my E.A.S.E method to see more mental and practical structure in your life.

This is possible when we work together!

Imagine sitting on the couch Saturday night KNOWING the week ahead will not feel like chaos because you have created an identity to defy it.

Everything you’ll learn in 12-weeks of coaching with me is backed by nearly 10-years of therapy expertise. It's also the method I use to help me fulfill my purpose as a mom without sacrificing my purpose as a Therapist and Coach.

Boundaries create a buffer between the life you desire and the life you despise. Now that you have become more aware of what you want, we'll develop boundaries to protect it. 

It's hard to know what you want your life to look like when you haven't given yourself permission to explore it. We will connect to your values so that your decisions and boundaries with yourself/work/relationships become more meaningful and clear.

Emotions are a natural human experience but without the knowledge and skill to manage them, they can feel like distractions. Let's get you some evidence-based skills to manage your emotions so you can be present in a life you've worked so hard to create.

Acknowledge Emotions

We are what we consistently repeat. If you are repeating unhelpful habits that lead to overwhelm you will always be overwhelmed. Curate an existing plan, aka a daily routine, that helps you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed with managing motherhood and your career.

Existing Plan

Keep On Scrollin' to see exactly what E.A.S.E is about

Sharpen Your Awareness

Establish Boundaries





A predictable and sustainable plan you can rinse and repeat long after we're down working together.

Weekly 60-minute calls to give you consistent proven tools, support, and feedback to develop mental calm and practical structure in your life.

12 weekly video sessions with me, using my E.A.S.E method to create a sustainable life change so your purpose both outside and inside of your home flow without overwhelm.

here's what you get:

It takes a LOT of mental energy and skill to reroute negative thinking patterns and behaviors that keep overwhelm around. But I'm cutting through the noise and simplifying this process for you with years of proven and tried knowledge to do it.

This comprehensive 12-week program is an investment of $2500. Installment plans are available.

It's time to invest in the life you know you can have but need support to obtain.

I'm ready!

— Christina S.

I have never had so much clarity about what I want. Seriously, before working with you I would cry at least once a week because I was so overwhelmed. THANK YOU, Chasity!

What other moms are saying

I love being a mom AND love my career. But the demand of managing both was starting to feel like a ticking bomb waiting to go OFF.

I needed a buffer between the stress of motherhood and the stress of my career. I leaned on my clinical knowledge about managing stress so that I could live out my purpose of mothering and being a Therapist and Coach.

I want you to have this goodness too! So I created a framework to help see you through it!

Ready to live with E.A.S.E?

I'm chasity - therapist, coach, enneagram 9, and mama to 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

take me to ease!

Is this therapy?

Although I am a Licensed Therapist, in this program I operate as your coach. Entering into a coaching agreement does not constitute a client-Therapist relationship in any way. If you are in crisis, a seeking a Licensed professional in your area is recommended.

I've never done coaching before. Is this right for me?

Coaching is a powerful method to helping you reach your personal development goals. During our time together, we will meet for 12 weekly, 50 mins sessions to focus on mindset shifts, gaining clarity through value setting, and practical strategies to change unhelpful habits. I'll bring the tools if you'll bring your commitment. Deal?

Do I have to live in Texas?

Not at all! Sessions will take place via our trusted 2020 friend - zoom. This allows me to meet you anywhere and work around that #workingmomlife schedule.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available to make your investment more convenient.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

Once we enter into our coaching agreement, no refunds will be issued due to the nature of the service. We can discuss a schedule that allows you to commit to yourself and this process.