Healing Your Childhood Wounds

Childhood wounds are NOT just about the big traumatic things you may have experienced growing up.

It can be the "death by a thousand cuts" of constantly

  • dismissing your feelings, experiences, and opinions that leave you questioning if you're *truly* lovable, worthy, and acceptable.

These "small things" have big impact on wiring you to fear rejection and abandonment - and thus trapping you in an anxious cycle of seeking approval through overachieving, people pleasing, and suppressing your emotions.

Learning how to be a better mother, get your next promotion, or reach your next business goal won't break this cycle.

The peace you're seeking will only come from healing the root of these patterns by confronting the hurt in a safe, trauma-informed environment.

Through private, one-on-one coaching and support, you'll learn the evidence-based tools to heal the gap that stands between you and broken generational cycles - your childhood wounds. 

You're Safe Here

  • Detach your identity from being a Perfectionist and operating from high-functioning anxiety.

  • Identifying what key messages from your childhood wounds are driving your anxiety and perfectionism.

  • Learn how to identify your emotions without judgement and criticism.

  • Regulate your emotions in real time so mom rage is a thing of the past.

  • Learn how to communicate your needs BEFORE resentment hits.

  • Rebuild your reliance in God and learn to trust  Him again.

Exclusive & in depth support through

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You Need Cycle-Changing Strategies That Work

 evidence-based coaching

I've used my 10+ years of experience as a Licensed Trauma Therapist and curated practical frameworks for you to follow to see real, long-lasting change.

biblical principles

I infuse biblical principles with psychology to give you a wholistic perspective on how to partner with Heaven to heal.


When I first started working with Chasity, I was recently postpartum with my second child. I was new to Motherhood, having had children close together. I had absolutely no idea that our sessions would take me down the path of my Mother Wound. I thought I had processed and therapized all of that, but as I began working with Chasity I realized that for the first time I felt safe enough to dig deeper. My time with her was renewing, strengthening, and I will forever remember my with her as transformative.

mom & CEO

"For the first time, I felt safe enough to dig deeper"

Your Investment

Pay in full


Your Investment Includes

Three private Zoom calls per month with one week focused on implementation.

This 3 month coaching package is the highest and most intimate level of working with me for support to help you ditch anxiety and perfectionism and become the parent you wanted.

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4 monthly payements of


12 weekly payments of


You may be able to cover coaching with your HSA. Please check with your insurance prior to committing to coaching should you choose this route.

You, me, and a proven-process to life beyond feeling inadequate.


Meet the Coach

Chasity Holcomb

mommy // trauma therapist // coach

I've spent the last decade helping moms and children recover from childhood wounds. And as a fellow Mom who had an absent father, I know the feeling of trying to raise children while also raising yourself. 

Add on the demands from working and being a whole wife, I know that the pressure of "getting it right" can feel impossible to shake. 

I created this private coaching package with you in mind. In every session, you'll be meet with intention to give you exactly what you need - without the fluff - with implementation plans that only require less than15 mins a day.

God wants to heal you and heal the generation that will come through you.

During our time together we will partner with The Holy Spirit to give you the proven roadmap to healing the root of your perfectionism so you can end the cycle of childhood wounds in your family. 

I'm On a Mission to Help  High-Achieving Christian Moms End the Strive For Perfectionism By Healing Their Childhood Wounds.

Creating your identity beyond your perfectionism and your childhood wounds allows you to do this.

I'm here to support you at EVERY angle,  making your relationship with God, yourself, and your family emotionally healthy.

Passing down family dysfunction can and will end with you!

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