Healing The Root Of Anxiety Will build a legacy of emotional Wealth in Your Family

reroute anxious and intrusive thoughts so you can build secure connections with your husband and kids

Being manipulated through guilt trips and adult tantrums.

A father who was physically present but emotionally absent.

A mother who was critical and dismissed your feelings.

Silent treatments and withdrawal of love & affection when your parents were upset with you.

Not being able to express your emotions about the parent (or other people) who primarily hurt you.

Your anxiety didn't start with you.

it started when you experienced this in childhood

If you're not constantly moving, you feel like you're a lazy failure. So you busy yourself with projects at work and home and obsess over them being perfect. And because things have to be your way, you don't ask for help which results in burnout. Shame enters the chat with whispers of your inadequacy.

And now it's showing up as...

Because you're use to handling things on your own, you struggle to communicate with your husband on how you really feel.

So resentment creeps in and you become the critical wife you said you wouldn't be.

The kids want more and more of you, and while you love them, it's hard to stay present with them because you're always thinking twelve steps ahead.

They want your attention and tell you through big feelings, and you respond by yelling or shutting down.



You want OUT of this cycle so you pray and ask God to help, but you struggle to believe that He hears you. 

In fact, you secretly believe God is angry and disappointed in you, making it hard for you to be vulnerable and surrender like He calls you to.

Heaven wants you healed

God knows that anxiety disrupts connection to Him and to the people we are stewards of - our husband and children. 

God wants to restore you and the generation that comes through you.

He just needs your permission, surrender, and action to fulfill it.

When you attack anxiety at the root, you can...

Develop the skill of communicating your thoughts and feelings before they come out as criticism towards your husband or anger towards your kids.

Regain your peace over anxious thoughts that shame you into feeling like you aren't enough despite how much you do

Remove the need to be the perfect wife and mom by catching the bad things before they happen, and relying on yourself to produce security vs God.

When you heal the root of your anxiety (childhood wounds), then go on to build deeper connections with your husband and children, you'll have everything you need to shift the atmosphere of your home, not just for today, but for generations to come.

It's time to build a different Legacy

One month after my husband and I got married, we got pregnant. When she was 4 months we were pregnant again. The anxiety that use to help me get the good grades, good job, and good accolades had morphed into resentment towards my husband and agitation towards my kids.

Something had to change. I needed to heal the root of my anxiety.

I took the advice I'd given hundreds of moms and applied it to myself because I had a different legacy in mind that didn't include making my husband pay for my father wound and so my kids were not my latest perfectionist project..

Overcoming anxiety has allowed me to be more present with my children.

Overcoming anxiety has allowed me to effectively communicate with my husband.

Overcoming anxiety has allowed me to grow closer to God. 

I created Legacy so you can experience this too.

I've embedded my 10+ years of healing anxiety and family dysfunction in the framework of Legacy. Each simple, straight to the point lesson will empower you in being the mom who redefines your family tree.

For 3-months, through the ebbs and flows of managing your role as a Wife and Mom, let Legacy heal the root of your anxiety and build deeper connections with your husband and kids.

Trauma Therapist and Coach for High-Achieving Christian Moms

Hi, I'm Chasity 

I healed from a Father Wound and stopped being a Worrier, Workaholic, and Worth-seeker

As Seen in

The only 6-month family relationship program you need to heal the root of your anxiety and build deeper connections with your husband and kids.



After 10+ years as a Trauma Therapist,I’ve constructed a proprietary framework that transforms high-achieving Perfectionists into Peaceful Powerhouses.

Heal The Root Of Your Anxiety & Overcome Anxious Thoughts

This phase simplifies healing your childhood wounds so you can shift your anxious thoughts no matter how difficult it's been in the past. We'll discover why you feel stuck in an anxiety loop and see how it's impacting your thoughts. 

Identify what key messages from your childhood wounds are driving your anxious thoughts and need to be perfect using The Childhood Wound Ecosystem.

Phase one

Transform your anxious identity to your identity in Christ using our Born Identity tool so you can stop relying on production to define you.

Recognize, regulate, and reroute anxiety so you can have an anxious thought and go on about your day using our Belief Story and Managed Mind Tools.

Develop anxiety-free communication and build a secure connection with your husband

This phase releases resentment and builds a secure connection with your husband by building anxiety-free communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.

Know exactly why your anxiety gets triggered by your husband and how to deactivate it

Phase Two

Communicate effectively without shutting down or getting defensive when your husband disagrees with you.

Develop your The United One Plan in dealing with In-Laws so you don't feel like you're revisiting the same conversation over and over.

Increase your physical intimacy without feeling icky about bringing it up so you can start enjoying sex again.

Decrease meltdown anxiety and become the mom who doesn't yell or shut down

This phase, eliminates the need to yell or shut down by deactivating meltdown anxiety. You'll have everything you need to navigate any parenting challenge and become the parent you wanted.

Navigate big feelings and strong wills with confidence so you can eliminate Mom Rage with the In The Moment Mediator

Phase Three

Teaches you how to raise emotionally healthy kids instead of yelling 'stop" you'll now know what to teach them to start

Set boundaries with your kids using our Yes, No Principle and become the leader of healthy communication in your home.


 "My husband can't stop talking about how much I've change. We argue differently and I know it's because of the work we're doing."


"For the first time, I've felt safe enough to get to the root of the patterns I felt like I couldn't change."


"I especially loved the assessment piece which allowed me to see what I need to focus on."

Audio recordings of every Cycle Sheet submission and live coaching call will be uploaded to our private podcast so you can manage your anxiety on the go.

Private Podcast


Get on demand coaching thorugh unlimited questions about any anxiety challenge in our private community. You'll never have to wonder about navigating anxiety in marriage and motherhood alone again.

The Community


Get laser-focused coaching biweekly on Wednesdays at 12:00p CST. C-walk out of the call knowing exactly what to do next to manage anxiety.

The Calls


Evidence-based, video training that simplify healing the root of your anxiety so you can build deeper relationships with your husband and children - all while honoring God.

The Curriculum


In Legacy, You Get 6-Months Access to

What's Included

Mom Rage Recovery Workshop

bonus #2

enroll now and get this exclusive bonus

With just this workshop alone, you will immediately know what steps to recover from mom rage after you lose it. You'll be able to use the strategies that I teach right away to maintain and rebuild the connection with your children without shame.

It's time to take back your power from mom rage and learn how to communicate with your kids so they don't attach your anger to their value.

Resentment Resolution Training

When you're anxious about being too much or too hard to love, it prevents you from communicating what you need in your marriage.

The Resentment Reversal Training, helps you communicate effectively without defensiveness or shutting down so you can resolve resentment faster. You'll  you'll walk away with a blueprint to implement immediately and throughout the program. 

bonus #3

Managed Mind Challenge

This interactive workshop will help you stop overthinking and ruminating over worse-case scenarios, so you can be more present with your husband and kids.

This workshop will kick off 14 intentional days of managing anxiety with simple, straight-to-the point strategies that have worked with hundreds of my clients.

bonus #1

Mina said....

"I have quick applications that I can apply on the spot has been absolutely wonderful"



6 monthly payments of $457

one payment of $2,497

Legacy Curriculum inside a private portal to heal the root of your anxiety and build deeper connections with your husband and kids

Bi-weekly interactive, coaching calls to replace current anxiety challenges with peace in real time

On Demand coaching through unlimited questions in our private community

Legacy Private Podcast for managing anxiety on the go

BONUS: Mom Rage Recovery Course to repair connection after you lose it

BONUS: Resentment Resolution to effectively communicate during conflict with your husband

BONUS: 14 Day Detach Anxiety Challenge to brings you closer to God and away from anxiety


twenty four weekly  payments of $225

Group Package

Private Package

Everything in the Group Support Level PLUS

Bi-weekly private coaching calls with Chasity for specialized coaching through anxiety management unique to you and your family

Unlimited private messaging


Enroll now and shift your home without the added anxiety

Customize your level of support

your next steps

You'll be able to join the next live coaching call, ask a question in the community right away, and start diving into the lessons that teach you everything you need to now about healing your anxiety and becoming a better wife and mom.

You'll receive onboarding details right away which includes immediate access to your portal, our call schedule, community, and private podcast.

Click the "Enroll Now' button below and pick your package (group or private).

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Discover the anxiety strategy you need to overcome anxiety

During the call, you can discuss which level of support you want: Group or Private.

You're ready to honor God with how you manage your anxiety so you can steward marriage and motherhood well

You want to let go of resenting your husband so you can build a secure connection with him

You want to remove the anxiety about your child's emotions so you can become the mom who doesn't yell or give the silent treatment

You've experienced deep emotional hurt from your mom and/or dad through emotional or physical absence, criticism, shaming, and/or manipulation, and it's showing up in marriage and/or motherhood.

You’re a Spririt-Led, High-achieving married Christian mom of young children

I created Legacy for...

Are you a good fit?

You will have 6 months access to all materials, live coaching, and community. 

legacy IS DESIGNED FOR the busy mom life. 

Come when you can and take what you need. Each training is less than 20 minutes with simple-to-do next steps for quick implementation so you can get back to life.

Becoming The Wife and Mom You Want Made Simple

6 Month Access To Everything Inside

Real Support, Down To The Root 

Anxiety Strategies that Work

Spirit-Led, Trauma Informed Coaching

We understand the wholistic impacts of trauma while recognizing that we serve The Great Redeemer. We hold space for the glorifying, grimy, and glitters of navigating anxiety as a Christian Wife and Mom.

Life gets full fast! But with 6 month access, you don't have to full the pressure of rushing through the material, showing up to live calls, or getting coached in our community. You can relax knowing that whenever and however you need support, it'll be there for you.

I've created a unique process for healing the root of your anxiety from serving over 200 moms and working as a Trauma Therapist for the past decade. I ditch the typical scripts and give you proven strategies that work whether you're alone, with your husband, or your kids.

This program goes beyond Instagramable "3 Steps to..." and gets to the root of the cycle of your anxiety. And you'll have personalized support to do it with ease.

we take a well-rounded approach to healing anxiety


"I’ve never been one to yell so I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stop yelling. It wasn’t until I started working with you that I understood how to recognize my triggers but also stop it before it leads to yelling."

Alex learned how to stop her triggers from leading to yelling


"I was putting so much pressure on myself to get it right. I use to pray constantly asking God to help me be a better mom for my kids. Since we've started working together, my anxiety about ruining my kids is wayyy low because I have to tangible skills to keep that from happening."

Candice decreased her anxiety about ruining her kids.


"It was so hard for me to get out of shut down mode. I wanted to say something but its like I couldn't speak. Now I know how to break out of that and speak to my children right then and there. My husband even noticed so thank you!"

Ebony overcame her shame about shutting down

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers

How do I know if my anxiety is rooting in a childhood wound?

Let's look past the jargon for a sec.

If you:
  • Feel emotionally distant from your mom/dad or both.
  • Fear setting boundaries because of how they might react.
  • Hesitate calling or visiting because of how draining you feel afterwards.
  • Your biggest motivator of parenting differently is to avoid repeating the same cycle

And you:
  • Feel inadequate, insignificant, or like a burden.
  • Fear losing connection through rejection or abandonment.
  • Struggle to be vulnerable and "soft" with your husband.
  • Struggle to allow your children to see you as human aka unhappy.
  • Issues with believing that God is angry with you or doesn't care about you. 

Then darling, there's a wound that needs healing.

Not at all. Healing childhood wounds does not require vilifying your family, cutting them off, NOR trying to reach reconciliation. 

So in Legacy, you won't be forced to do either of these. 

In fact, Legacy will teach you how to hold hurt and compassion at the same time.

Healing your wounds is about restoring YOU and that's what we focus on.

Will I have to vilify my parents to heal the root of my anxiety?

Once you rewire your belief system and learn how to regulate your thoughts and actions, you will shift the way you view your family, yourself, and your ability to maintain boundaries without guilt. 

This Legacy process is designed to prepare and ease you through confronting the root of your anxiety and adjusting your relationship where needed.

Will my relationship with my mom and/or dad change when I heal the root of my anxiety


Many of my clients express feeling safe and loved by their husband. However, they find themselves anxious, defensive, and resentful without knowing why or how to fix it.

When you heal the root of your anxiety, then go on to build a secure connection with your husband, you have everything you need to step out of relational burnout in your marriage. This is the work we'll do together.

My marriage isn't "bad" and I know my husband loves me. Can this help me?

Instead of focusing on your entire life, we will be laser-focused on one thing - managing your relationship anxiety with your husband. This specificity alone allows you to see more in depth results faster. This is what makes Legacy different.

I've already tried individual and/or couples therapy. How is this different?

Yes mam. Childhood wounds can fracture your view of safety in your marriage. And safety is the primary thing you need for a solid connection with your husband. 

This process is designed to prepare and ease you through confronting the root of your anxiety so you feel deeply supported in regaining your control over anxiety for the sake of your marriage.

Do I really need to heal the root of my anxiety to feel better in my marriage?


The frameworks in Legacy are proven to help you manage your anxiety and anger with children 2-10 years old. You will build your confidence in remaining calm and connecting with them through meltdowns, tantrums, and big feelings regardless of the their age and milestones. 

Will this work for my child's age group?

All children are different and therefore interpret their life experience in different ways. The strategies inside of Legacy have stood the test of time to help moms of highly dysregulated, deeply feeling, strong-willed, and ADHD children remain calm and not yell or shut down. 

God has called YOU to your children. I'll help equip you to steward your mission well.

My child is deeply feeling or sensitive. Can I learn how to navigate this?

Gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit. 😉  In Legacy, I take a connection-first approach and blend it with principles from our Perfect Parent - God. Connection-first allows you to practice the fruits of the Spirit seen in Galatians 5 in your parenting while teaching, setting boundaries, and providing emotional safety for your kids.  

I have some thoughts about being a Christian and following gentle parenting. What is your approach?


Immediately after you enroll, you'll get 6-month access to your private portal where the curriculum awaits.

You'll automatically be added to our private podcast and have to 24/7 access to the curriculum and community throughout the program. 

Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12:00pm CST, you'll meet me and other members on our coaching call for interactive and laser-focused coaching for any anxiety challenge addressed in the curriculum. 

If you choose the Private Plan, you'll have all the above plus meet with me bi-weekly for our private coaching sessions.

How does Legacy Work

Yes! Though we meet in a group, you will have individualized coaching through:

  • Receiving in depth answers for your specific questions during the coaching portion of the calls.
  • On-demand individualized coaching through our private community with 24/7 access to the feedback (to some questions) on our private podcast.
  • PLUS private bi-weekly coaching calls if you choose the Private Plan.

Being in a group allows you to also hear me coach other members which enhances your knowledge and gets you results faster. 

We are many parts of the same body. So when one person receives support, it also helps you.

Will I get personalized support from Chasity?

You will not be forced to share stories that you are not comfortable sharing during our calls.

Only the audio recording of our coaching calls will be uploaded to the Legacy Private Podcast, to enhance confidentiality in the program.

In the onboarding process, everyone agrees to community and call guidelines about what to share and what should be left to private conversations, so you always feel safe and supported by me and your fellow members.

Will I have to share personal stories? How will my information be protected?

Program Details

join legacy today to

Create an identity beyond anxiety and build deeper connections with your husband and children