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The ultimate God-led & evidence-based 12-month program that helps high-achieving Christian moms decrease anxiety and become the mom who doesn't yell or give their kids the silent treatment.

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Feeling annoyed by every little thing your kids do, instead of being present with them.

Falling into Mom Rage and yelling because that's the only way you can get them to stop and listen.

Giving your kids the silent treatment when their big emotions feel too big for you. 

Feeling deep shame that you've been able to master everything else in life except for parenting. 

Convicted by The Holy Spirit because you aren't reflecting His image to your children.

You don't want to repeat the patterns of your parents

But you find yourself

Your anxiety about your child's behavior is leading you to anger and the angrier you are, the more disconnected you feel from your children.

When you feel disconnected from your children, it's hard to love and steward them in the way God intended.

Motherhood is a call to sanctification,
not insanity. 

Mom DeActivated eliminates the need to yell or give your kids the silent treatment by teaching you the bible-based skill of remaining calm in the moment


You want to foster a life-long connection with your children

With Mom DeActivated, you are equipped to start doing so today

Regain Authority Over Your Parenting Anxiety

Confidently Parent with Peace

Build Strong Connections With Your Children

Overcome The Shame Of Repeating Cycles


Crystal started working with me because her anxiety was preventing her from connecting with her children.

She was good at formulating what would happen next, and usually it was all bad - hardly ever good. This caused her to

  • Be snappy with her kids when they wouldn’t listen
  • Yell and feel emense guilt and shame afterwards
  • Be annoyed that her husband just “didn’t get it”
  • Feel resentment for carrying the mother load. 

Take back your control from anger

It's time to break up with your anxious mom identity

Through our work together, she learned how to not just focus on the behaviors she could see, but the triggers she couldn’t see. This gave her the confidence that she needed to break up with her anxious identity.

This changed everything for her!

Because she knew how to regulate her anxiety and reroute her thoughts, her default wasn’t to criticize herself and yell at her kids when she felt anxious. Instead she knew exactly what to do to regulate in the moment.

I Wanted to Leave A Different Legacy

mommy // trauma therapist // coach

After one of those ROUGH mornings, Mom rage got the best of me and I yelled at my daughter.

I saw the look of fear in her eyes and vowed to never let anxiety and anger control me like that again.

I had my girls thirteen months apart. As a Therapist, I knew what to do when their meltdowns were triggering. As a mom, I did not. 

I took the advice I'd given hundreds of moms and applied it to myself because I had a different legacy in mind that didn't include contaminating the relationship with my children with anger.

As a fellow Mom who had an absent father, I know the feeling of trying to raise children while also raising yourself. It's hard. 

And as high-achievers it can be hard to admit that we need help at achieving what "should" come natural.

I created Mom DeActivated with you in mind. You'll step out of these simple, straight to the point lessons being the mom who redefines her family tree.

And you'll feel closer and more connected to God as you learn how to honor Him with the way you manage your anxiety and steward your children.

Chasity Holcomb, LPC


As Seen in

Mom DeActivated ensures your transformation in becoming the parent you wanted 



The only 12-month connection-based parenting program you need to decrease your anxiety and become the mom who doesn't yell or give your kids the silent treatment



Becoming The Parent You Wanted Made Simple

The Anger Agreement

The Spirit-Led Mom Shift

The Trigger Trap Reversal

The In The Moment Mediator

The Parenting Repeat Cycle

You'll feel confident in ending the cycle of passing down childhood wounds with the roadmap that teaches you how you'll specifically do it. You'll have everything you need to become the parent you wanted.

You'll no longer fear ruining your kids with your anger. You'll have the skill that simplifies deactivating your anger before you yell or give the silent treatment.

You'll regain your sense of control and stop letting anxiety steal your peace. You'll reduce your anxiety about your kids' behavior and feel peace regardless of their age or milestone.

You'll become the leader in your home and set the tone for handling conflict in a healthy way. No more shame walks to apologize to your kids after a blow up because you've mastered the art of managing your anxiety and communicating with firm kindness in the moment.

You will mirror the heart of God to your children and reduce your anxiety around their behaviors by detaching anxiety from your identity

a sneak peak into the mom deactivated curriculum

The only connection-first parenting program for high-achieving Christian Moms that walks you step-by-step through decreasing your anxiety and becoming the mom who doesn't yell or give your kids the silent treatment. 

  • Evidence-based, video training that simplify navigating any situation with your kids
  • Peace Plan Playbook that breaks down your exact next steps in mastering your new found parenting skills
  • Spirit-Led, simple strategies to incorporate the character of God in your parenting

In Mom DeActivated, You Get 12-Months Access to

The  Curriculum

The Calls

Tap into my 10+ years of expertise in parenting and anxiety management during our live calls on Wednesdays at 11:00p CST. C-walk out of the call knowing exactly what to do to next to parent confidently.

  • Get coached on our twice monthly coaching calls for personalized support on your parenting skills
  • Be surrounded by other like-minded high-achieving Christian Moms who are becoming better moms too

The Cycle Sheets

Cycles change through consistency. In between calls, you'll submit your cycle sheets to get direct feedback about any challenge with your kids in the moment you need it the most. You'll never have to wonder about navigating your parenting choices alone again.

  • Submit unlimited cycle sheets for personalized coaching on your specific parenting challenge.
  •  Listen to your feedback on our private podcast within 48 hours M-F for those in the moment "HELP ME" moments.
  • Have 24/7 access to our private podcast and tune into cycle-changing feedback from you and other moms on the go.

30-Day Present Peace Challenge

Anxiety and anger create a gap between you and God and reinforces the cycle of yelling and giving your kids the silent treatment. The 30-Day Present Peace Challenge bridges that gap through thoughtful devotionals you can do in less than 15 mins a day.

  • Work through the three pillars of honoring God with how you feel and express your anxiety
  • Deepen your intimacy with God as you pray for you and your children

  • You’re a Spririt-Led, Christian mom of young children

  • You've experienced deep emotional hurt from your mom and/or dad through emotional or physical absence, criticism, shaming, and/or manipulation, and it's showing up in your parenting. 

  • You want to end the cycle of passing childhood wounds to your children but you don't know how to tangible do it.

  • You struggle with anxiety about your child's emotions and behaviors

I Created Mom DeActivated for

Is this for you?

  • You either yell or give the silent treatment when your kids are not listening

  • You want a simple way to connect with your kids that doesn't rely on scripts 

  • You're ready to honor God with how you feel anxiety and how you steward your children

Mom Rage Recovery 2-Day Workshop

Day Two

Learn The Shame Undone Cycle that overcomes shame about how you responded during intense behaviors. No more intrusive thoughts about your children talking to their future Therapist about how you ruined them.

Learn The Repair Cycle that maintains connection with your children after you lose it. You will walk away knowing exactly what to do next to recover with confidence.

Day One

bonus #1

Enroll Before november 29th, and get access to two bonuses for this round only

With just this workshop alone, you will immediately know what steps to recover from mom rage after you lose it. You'll be able to use the strategies that I teach right away to maintain and rebuild the connection with your children.

It's time to take back your power from mom rage and learn how to communicate with your kids so they don't attach your anger to their value.


Private 1:1 Cycle Reversal Call with Chasity

When you've been hurt by one or both of your parents, you make it your mission to give your kids the childhood you didn't have. 

In your private, 1:1 call with me I'll give you the strategy to do it. Prior to our call you'll fill out a 60 sec assessment, that allows me to guide you on where your parenting focus should be in order to break the cycle of childhood wounds in your family. You'll walk away with a personalized blueprint to you can implement immediately and throughout the program. 

bonus #2

Meet These Cycle Changers

"I’ve never been one to yell so I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stop yelling. It wasn’t until I started working with you that I understood how to recognize my triggers but also stop it before it leads to yelling."
"I was putting so much pressure on myself to get it right. I use to pray constantly asking God to help me be a better mom for my kids. Since we've started working together, my anxiety about ruining my kids is wayyy low because I have to tangible skills to keep that from happening."
"It was so hard for me to get out of shut down mode. I wanted to say something but its like I couldn't speak. Now I know how to break out of that and speak to my children right then and there. My husband even noticed so thank you!"




Alex learned how to stop her triggers from leading to yelling

Candice decreased her anxiety about ruining her kids.

Ebony overcame her shame about shutting down

And you're next

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The Investment

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Mom DeActivated is the blueprint you'll use to mirror the heart of God to your children - by being the kind, steady safety they need.

The frameworks in Mom DeActivated are proven to help you manage your anxiety and anger with children 2-10 years old. You will build your confidence in remaining calm and connecting with them through meltdowns, tantrums, and big feelings regardless of the their age and milestones. 

All children are different and therefore interpret their life experience in different ways. The strategies inside of Mom DeActivated have stood the test of time to help moms of highly dysregulated, deeply feeling, strong-willed, and ADHD children remain calm and not yell or give the silent treatment. 

God has called YOU to your children. I'll help equip you to steward your mission well.

Yes! If you've already done the work on managing your anxiety and you've decreased yelling or giving the silent treatment, Mom DeActivated can help you eliminate it for good. You'll take what you've already learned and stack it until you feel 100% confident in being the parent you wanted.

There might be a few reasons why trying to stop repeating the patterns of your parents wasn't successful in the past. Maybe your Therapist, Coach, or course covered many problems but didn't specifically target how your anxiety is leading to anger outburst in your parenting. 

This is the center of the work we'll do together inside of Mom DeActivated. 

Just like going to a specialized physician, you'll get to the root and start seeing long-lasting results faster.

I hear you! I was there… staying up late to finish work projects/clean the house. Skipping lunch. And felt like adding “one more thing” to a never-ending to do list would be that final Jenga block that brought everything tumbling down.

But here’s the thing…When is the best time? 🤧 Waiting for your kids to get older or for things to slow down at work will only dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of later.

I don’t want that for you! And I know you don’t either. I believe the best time is always the time you have right now.

I've simplified the art of decreasing your anxiety so that you don't yell or give your kids the silent treatment into bite-sized trainings you can complete in 15 mins a day.

You can watch a training today and see results right away. The video trainings are designed for implementation not just consumption. 

Once you gain access, you will start and work through the Mom DeActivated at your own pace. You will have 12-month access to the curriculum, community, peace plans, and challenge to make sure you "be" the change you're seeking.


What they've said

Just joined! What perfect timing - this is EXACTLY what I was looking for - so happy to be a part of this. I attended your call and it was so helpful, still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety. So ready to give myself this time and be in this space with other moms.
”If I haven’t said this enough recently thank you so much for everything you do for us moms out here. Not feeling alone on this journey is such a wonderful feeling!”
I just wanted to thank you for this training. I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I'm glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts. Hope you have a great day!




Heather is still using my techniques to help with her anxiety

LaShonda doesn't feel like she has to break cycles alone

Lindsey has the tools to shift out of the thought spirals

The unhealthy mother-child relationship will end with you.