What If I Told You That Your Perfectionism Is Just Polished Pain.

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don't worry. I've got a plan.

A LIVE 12 week group coaching program to help high-achieving Christian moms end their strive for perfectionism by healing their childhood wounds. 

oct 11th - dec 20th

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This Is For You If you want to end the cycle of passing down childhood wounds in your family

 When you learn how to disarm the root that triggers your constant chase after perfection, you'll have everything you need to reset the tone of your generation.

 Inside of Mom UnWounded, I'll teach you the evidence-based AND biblical principles you need to heal your childhood wounds and finally exit out of the cycle of anxiety, shame, and burnout.

this is the spirit-led, evidence-based program you've been looking for.

As Seen in

The absolute burnout that waits for you on the other side of over-performing, over-producing, and over-preparing HAD to adjust when you became a mom.

As a high-achiever, you've spent the last decade+ crafting your career and being the best at what you do.

but not without a cost

But now the perfectionism you use to direct towards your career is now directed towards your children.

Your anxiety has changed from calling the right shots at work to constant thoughts of not ruining your kids. 

You don't want the hurt from your childhood to pass down to them.

So you've bought the parenting courses, read the books, and listened to the podcasts.

But somehow your desire to parent differently has turned into a desire to parent perfectly.

I would imagine that your life looks a little like this...

If you're not constantly moving, you feel like you're a lazy failure.

So you busy yourself with projects at work and home and obsess over them being perfect.

And because things have to be your way, you don't ask for help which results in burnout.

Shame enters the chat with whispers of your inadequacy

Because you're use to handling things on your own, you struggle to communicate with your husband on how you really feel.

So resentment creeps in and you become the critical wife you said you wouldn't be. 

The kids want more and more of you, and while you love them, it's hard to stay present with them because you're always thinking twelve steps ahead.

They want your attention and tell you through big feelings, and you respond by yelling or shutting down.

You want OUT of this cycle so you try to pray and ask God to help, but you struggle to believe that He hears you.

 In fact, you secretly believe God is angry and disappointed in you, making it hard for you to pray (aka be vulnerable) and surrender like He calls you to.

if my experience serves me right

I was the daddy's girl whose dad was never around.

My hurt from abandonment turned into high standards and high achievements. I decorated myself with letters behind my name, degrees on the wall, and a "I'll figure it out! Watch me" mentality. 

I neglected my own needs to maintain relationships, overproduced at work to gain approval, and called myself a Perfectionist when really I was just anxious.

It was hard to trust God, let alone see him as Father. In many ways I treated Him like He'd left just as my dad did.

I *tried* to become my own protector, provider, and comforter. 

But you know how that turned out don't you?

I knew I needed to heal not just for me, but the generation that was coming through me. 

Once I healed the root of my perfectionism - my father wound, my anxiety, shame, and burnout was no longer a part of my identity.

The only way to get out of the exhausting cycle of perfectionism is to heal your childhood wounds.

here's a secret

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Here's what you need in order to get out of the Perfectionism Pitfall

A highly curated community of other high-achieving Christian moms on the same cycle-changing path as you.
The guide who partners with The Holy Spirit to help you walk your unique path away from perfectionism and towards healing.
The intersection of using prayer and psychology to help you detangle your identity from unresolved hurt.

spirit-led & evidence-based coaching

like-minded community

a proven process

After 10+ years as a Trauma Therapist,I’ve constructed a proprietary framework that transforms high-achieving Perfectionists into Peaceful Powerhouses

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this is possible when you heal

• Enhance your emotional awareness and learn the art of communicating your feelings before they come out as criticism towards your husband or anger towards your kids.

• Set healthy boundaries regardless of the person or setting so you keep a healthy distance between you and burnout.

• Create a new narrative about yourself that doesn't include being  "broken", and exchange what your childhood wounds say about you with what God says about you.

• Know exactly what to do to regain your peace when anxiety and shame are trying to drag you into perfectionism.

When you're no longer operating from perfectionism fueled by your childhood wounds you can...

Because the more you learn how to manage perfectionism and anxiety, the less you feel the need to control. It’s like freeing two birds with one key.

Being an Ambitious Mom and releasing control can co-exist. 

this is the transformation waitng for you inside of mom unwounded.

Ashley started working with me because she couldn't let go of control and felt like anxiety and anger were contaminating her life. 

The pressure from work was making her anxious at home and the anxiety at home was making her angry at work.

  • She yelled at her kids.
  • She was cold with her husband.
  • She was disconnected from God.
  • She wanted to quit her job even though it was her passion.

The more she tried to control and perfect, the more she felt like she was failing - at everything - which caused her to spiral into feeling behind, invaluable, and inadequate. 

When we discovered that her patterns stemmed from having an emotionally unavailable dad, she stopped seeing herself as a failure that would be ignored and, as a result..

More patience with herself ➝ which yielded more patience with her children ➝ which yielded less yelling and more connection ➝ which yielded less frustration at home ➝ which yielded more connection with her husband.

Operating from a place of safety can and SHOULD be your default setting

One that joyfully rejects the inner chatter that you're a burden with nothing to offer if you're not overextending yourself.

Meet Kyria (name changed for confidentiality) who came to me for - what she thought was - the mother load.

She felt like a glorified house manager at home who was in charge of all things kids, cleaning, and planning.

Being the perfect wife, mom, and employee was exhausting. 

She didn't realize that she couldn't ask for help because she believed her needs were a burden.

Once we dug deeper, we found that this is the message she received from her mom growing up - be quiet, be little, be compliant.

Her way of coping with this message, was demanding respect through control. 

Because people have to respect you when you're in control, right?

We worked through creating emotional safety that allowed her and her needs to be seen.

The result after working through this?

She stopped hiding from rejection and started communicating her needs at home and at work without feeling like she had to be in control. 

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Through three core phases and high-level, Spirit-led coaching, I'll support you in overcoming perfectionism by healing your childhood wounds. 



Here's what it includes

 ☀︎ bonus: 30 min 1:1 cycle reversal plan
✓ on-demand coaching in private community
✓ Peace plans for long lasting implementation 
☀︎bonus: burnout bootcamp workshop 
✓ life-time access to trainings in a private portal
✓ LIVE bi-weekly, 90 min  interactive trainings

Keep scrolling for the break down.

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01. Apply + Complete Perfectionism Blindspot Assessment

Here's How It Works

02. Enroll + Complete Onboarding by joining community and private portal

03. Attend The Bi-weekly LIVE Training and Coaching Calls

04. C-walk out of the program with a new identity beyond perfectionism 

+ Trade self-reliance for God-reliance by learning the four steps of renewing your relationship with God.

+ Recreate your identity by developing habits with yourself, your husband, your children, and your work.

+ Build boundaries to maintain your emotional health at home and work without feeling selfish. 


restore your reliance on god and your identity as a high-achieving working wife & mom

+ Release yourself from emotional bondage by grieving what you did and didn't have during your childhood

+ Transform the way you view emotions by learning how to manage anxiety, shame, and anger before they drag you into the constant cycle of perfectionism

+ Develop emotionally mature communication skills so you can be vulnerable about your needs without feeling weak or like you're a burden.


release emotional baggage that keeps you in the cycle of perfectionism


Reveal the root of your perfectionism & anxiety

Through a Combination of Live Training & Coaching, and a Highly Curated Community, You'll Learn How to

+ Deeply grasp The Childhood Wound Ecosystem and understand why you struggle with feeling broken.

+ Disrupt life-altering beliefs from your childhood and replace them with life-giving beliefs from Christ.

+ Develop your strategy for breaking the cycle of childhood wounds in your family through the Cycle Reversal Plan. 

Oct 11th

Oct 25th

Nov 1st

Nov 15th

Dec 6th

Dec 20th

We kickoff with an EPIC Welcome Party on 10/2 with an transformational group activity that you don't want to miss!

Let's Not Forget About the Bonuses!

Burnout Out Bootcamp

Private Cycle Reversal Plan

live workshop to teach you how to maintain your ambition without sacrificing your sanity if you apply by 9/23.

PLUS, pay in full and meet with me one on one to map out your strategy for ending the cycle of passing down childhood wounds in your family 

live workshop to teach you how to set BOUNDaries with your family in order to have a peaceful 2023 holiday

Healthy Holidays

special bonus for this cohort only!


I attended your Coping through Covid call and it was so helpful, still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety. 

mom & hr professional

"I'm still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety"

Meet the Coach

Chasity Holcomb

mommy // trauma therapist // coach

I've spent the last decade helping moms and children recover from childhood wounds. And as a fellow Mom who had an absent father, I know the feeling of trying to raise children while also raising yourself. 

Add on the demands from working and being a whole wife, I know that the pressure of "getting it right" can feel impossible to shake. 

I created Mom UnWounded with the busy mom in mind. Every training is built with intention to give you exactly what you need - without the fluff - with implementation plans that only require less than15 mins a day.

God wants to heal you and heal the generation that will come through you.

Mom UnWounded partners with The Holy Spirit to give you the proven roadmap to healing the root of your perfectionism so you can end the cycle of childhood wounds in your family. 

I'm On a Mission to Help  High-Achieving Christian Moms End the Strive For Perfectionism By Healing Their Childhood Wounds.

Customize Your Level of Support

See each plan's details below.

90 min LIVE bi-weekly training & Q/A calls

Life-time access to training in a private portal 

Peace Plans (Interactive Worksheets)

Apply before 9/23 or PIF Bonus: LIVE Burnout Bootcamp Workshop

PIF Bonus: 30 min, 1:1 Cycle Reversal Plan

tier one


Group Support

Bi-weekly private, 45 min calls with Chasity 

Cycle Reversal Sheets - Individual Weekly Checkin forms with video feedback

Unlimited Private On-Demand text support with Chasity 

* Available until spots fill

tier two


VIP Support

Everything in Tier One +

or 4 monthly payments of $687

or 4 monthly payments of $1099

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When I first started working with Chasity, I was recently postpartum with my second child. I was new to Motherhood, having had children close together. I had absolutely no idea that our sessions would take me down the path of my Mother Wound.

 I thought I had processed and therapized all of that, but as I began working with Chasity I realized that for the first time I felt safe enough to dig deeper. My time with her was renewing, strengthening, and I will forever remember my with her as transformative.

mom & CEO

"For the first time, I felt safe enough to dig deeper"

In Mom Wounded, We Believe That Generations Shift When Moms Heal.

spirit-led and evidence-based training and coaching

These 90min, interactive trainings start off with prayer, lead into workshopping the curriculum, and end with individualized coaching for your unique questions.

here's how we do it

life-time access to your private portal

Healing is a journey that will continue once the program concludes. Maintain your emotional health by returning to the training whenever you need - for life.

on-demand support you can count on

Get your individualized and customized coaching by getting your questions answered within 24 business hours. Have unlimited access to the private community 24/7 for accountability and peer support.

cycle-changing strategies that work

I infuse biblical principles with psychology to teach you all you need to know to become emotionally healthy so you can heal and transform your identity and the identity of your lineage.

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God's been inviting you into a place of stillness and restoration. 

It’s time to step into your born identity from God and exit out of your formed identity from your childhood.

Mom UnWounded is designed to unveil the healed version of you.

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I especially loved the assessment piece which allowed me to see what I need to focus on. And it's something I can go back to every few weeks to check in with myself.

The Assessment allowed me to see what I need to focus on

Childhood Wounds are the unhealthy emotional, psychological, and physical patterns derived from experiences in your childhood that interfere with every aspect of adulthood. 

Whether you experienced emotional harm (manipulation, overly critical, name calling, dismissiveness etc.) or emotional absence (silent treatment, disconnection, abandonment) - the hurt you have from your childhood is valid. 

You don't have to clinically diagnose your parents with Narcissism or Bipolar to acknowledge the hurt from them.


And childhoods are showing up as:
  • Feeling inadequate, insignificant, or like a burden.
  • Struggle with any form of obsession or control: anxious thoughts, eating/restriction, excessive spending, sex/explicit content, drugs & alcohol.
  • Fear of losing connection through rejection or abandonment.
  • Struggle to be vulnerable and "soft" with your husband.
  • Struggle to allow your children to see you as human aka unhappy.
  • Issues with believing that God is angry with you or doesn't care about you. 
  • Or other various ways of being stuck in patterns that pull you away from God.
But rather:
  • You feel emotionally distant from your mom/dad or both.
  • You fear setting boundaries because of how they might react.
  • You hesitate calling or visiting because of how draining you feel afterwards.
  • You secretly crave having a healthy relationship, especially when you hear others talk about their familial relationships.
  • Your biggest motivator of parenting differently is to avoid repeating the same family dynamic you grew up in.

Healing childhood wounds does not require vilifying your family NOR trying to reach reconciliation. 

So in Mom UnWounded, you won't be forced to do either of these. 

Because healing your wounds is about restoring YOU.

Once you rewire your belief system and learn how to regulate your thoughts and actions, you will shift the way you view your family, yourself, and your ability to maintain boundaries without guilt. 

If we do, in fact, discovery that the only way to heal is through no-contact, I will support you fully through that transition.

No! Let's clear up the confusion between a therapy group and a group coaching program. 

We've all seen therapy groups on TV where a person introduces themselves and then dives straight into a traumatizing story. 

Yea, we're not doing that. Lol

For this live round, I'm teaching you frameworks and methodologies that I've used with hundreds of clients so you can break the current cycles you're in and rebuild an emotionally healthy life. 

In the onboarding process, everyone agrees to community and call guidelines about what to share and what should be left to private conversations, so you always feel safe and supported by me and your fellow members. 

There might be a few reasons healing your childhood wounds weren't successful in the past.

Maybe your Therapist or Coach covered many problems but didn't specifically targeting your childhood wound or know how to integrate your faith into your healing.

This is the center of the work we'll do together. 

Just like going to a specialized physician, you'll get very targeted support in a concentrated amount of time and as a result you'll start seeing long-lasting results faster.

It's important to note that although I am a Licensed Therapist and have over a decade of clinical experience treating trauma, this is not therapy or a process group.

I've taken my clinical experience and transformed it into a coaching program that allows you to move from where you are now into your healed future.

If you feel you are seeking a diagnosis or in need of medical or psychiatric attention, this is not the program for you. 

However, if you are in 1:1 therapy, this program can accompany your progress. 

I hear you! I was there… staying up late to finish work projects/clean the house. Skipping lunch. And felt like adding “one more thing” to a never-eding to do list would be that final Jenga block that brought everything tumbling down.

But here’s the thing…When is the best time? 🤧 Waiting for your kids to get older or for things to slow down at work will only dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of later.

I don’t want that for you! And I know you don’t either. I believe the best time is always the time you have right now.

On my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff during our 90 min calls and the exercises should take you less than 15 mins a day to do.

We meet bi-weekly for 90 mins with recording of the trainings uploaded to your portal within 48 hours.

And outside of calls, you get on-demand and unlimited coaching inside of our private community.

Yes! Though we meet in a group, you will have individualized coaching through:

  • Receiving in depth answers for your specific questions during the coaching portion of the calls.
  • On-demand individualized coaching in our private community, in which you'll have 24/7 access to throughout the program.

Being in a group allows you to also hear me coach other members which enhances your knowledge and gets you results faster. 

We are many parts of the same body. So when one person receives support, it also helps you.

If you'd like private support from me, you can choose the VIP track that includes bi-weekly private calls, submit Cycle sheets (forms) for personalized video feedback, and unlimited private direct messaging throughout the program. 

Spots are limited.

Nope. This program is for Christian moms who believe in the trinity - God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Spirit. We will only use scripture from the bible as principles in strengthening your faith in God as you heal your childhood wounds. 

When you heal your childhood wounds, you automatically become a better mom and wife.

I’ve designed the program to build up a level of emotional maturity and safety within you that everyone around you reaps the benefit. 

In Phase Three, we dive into recreating your identity, which includes the way you've been showing up as a wife and mom. You will do very specific and practical exercises that will electrify your connection with your children and husband - for the long haul.


The enemy wants to keep you trapped in a cycle of perfectionism because it'll prevent you from fulfilling God's design for your life.

If you're busy pleasing people, you can't please God.

If you're always anxious and worried about tomorrow, you can't trust God for protection today. 

If you're fixated on doing everything yourself, you can't fully surrender your will to God.

God wants to restore you and the generation that comes through you. 

He just needs your permission, surrender, and action to fulfill it.

Heaven is rooting for your healing.

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if i just read you like a book,

then I absolutely CANNOT wait to coach you inside of mom unwounded

I saw you shaking your head...

  • You’re a Spririt-Led, Christian mom of young children who currently has a career or business

  • You've experienced deep emotional hurt from your mom and/or dad through emotional or physical absence, criticism, shaming, and/or manipulation, and it's contaminating your marriage and parenting. 

  • You want to end the cycle of passing childhood wounds to your children but you don't know how to tangible do it.

  • You struggle with anxiety about bad things happening to you or your children and often avoid feeling "bad" emotions.

Still Undecided?

You’re Ready to Be More Present if

  • You struggle to set boundaries and people please which leads to feeling like you're one person at home and another person in front of company.

  • You feel like you can't depend on other people and struggle with burnout and productivity shame. 

  • You're ready to put in the work in order to design a life beyond childhood hurt.
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I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I'm glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts.

"I'm glad I have the tools now"

When you decide to enroll, I'll send you a detailed Welcome Package that provides all you need for the program. Then it's time to get to work :)
003. onboard and get ready for kickoff!
Before our call, you'll complete an 13 minute Perfectionism Blindspot Assessment. This assessment will help you identify your blindspots in passing down the cycle of childhood wounds in your family and walk you through how Mom UnWounded can help you prevent them.
002. complete your perfectionism blindspot assessment 
Book your call after completing the brief application form below.
001. apply to join mom unwounded

Your Journey to peace starts here

You, me, God, and a proven-process to a life unwounded.


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I LOVE the material and you are incredible at how you lay things out.

Simple, yet impactful material

The generational cycle of the unhealthy mother-child relationship can end with you.

Enroll today!

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Creating your identity beyond your perfectionism and your childhood wounds allows you to do this.

Mom UnWounded is here to support you at EVERY angle,  making your relationship with God, yourself, and your family emotionally healthy.