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And One That Makes You Avoid Resting Because You Feel Like Everything Will Crumble, Resent Your Partner Because of the Uneven Demands of Motherhood, and Feel Deep Shame That You You're Repeating A Generational Cycle?

Quick Question for My Overachieving Working Moms Who’ve Managed To Crack The Code on Everything Else Except Anxiety 

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What's the ONLY difference between a more balanced, and less anxious life that allows you to show up as the calm mom and wife you want to be…

You've tried repeating affirmations to yourself about not overthinking and worrying about every little thing, like your kiddo reaching their milestones or waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Curating Emotional Safety.

 Let me explain.

You've even rummaged through podcasts and parenting courses on how to be a calmer parent, because you don’t want to be the angry, anxious mom your kids have to go to Therapy for.

You actually have released a little control because it’s exhausting doing everything on your own without resentment moving in and turning your heart into stone.

And unless you’ve cracked the code on making high-functioning anxiety magically disappear after years (decades even) of operating as your underground railroad to validation…

You know, you feel intense pressure to be perfect, so you overachieve and wouldn’t you know people praise you for it?

Temporary validation that anxiety leads you to will, at best, come at the expense of your nervous system, and, at worst, cause you to repeat the same cycle you’re trying to break - angry, anxious mom.

It’s a surface level solution to an iceberg problem. 

And while this is a great start…

What if instead you could...

Knowing that you don’t have to play mental ping pong between your worries about the kids and work because you know how to escape the night time anxiety spiral. 

So you can be more present with your kids and partner without anger, irritation, and resentment showing up as the third wheel.
Without guilt that your time and energy aren’t being spent on doing more important things. 

Ease into your bed before midnight

Confidently regulate your emotions 

prioritize things that bring you joy + rest


I’ve constructed a proprietary framework that transforms anxious working moms into peaceful powerhouses… 


Let’s be real: You’re not asking for a perfect, anxiety-free life. You just want to be able to say you are a good mom to your children and fulfill your passions without sacrificing the best years of your life to do it. 

You want to be as present as you can be. 

And at this point in your life, especially after what you’ve gone through, you feel like you’ve earned the right to plan a family fun day without also planning for something to go wrong. 

Or maybe even put your phone on airplane mode and enjoy a long shower without the intrusive, “Oh SNAP, did I double book the kids doctor appointment for tomorrow!?” thoughts.

As someone who has dreamed of being a mom and put in over a decade of grind into building their career, shouldn’t you be able to enjoy it now versus “maybe later”.

but first let me ask you

Because the more you learn how to manage anxiety, the less you feel the need to control. It’s like freeing two birds with one key.
You know, you feel intense pressure to be perfect, so you overachieve and wouldn’t you know people praise you for it?

Enjoying motherhood and releasing control can co-exist. 

Being a calmer person isn’t a mythical, intangible thing.

Take a look at Virginia (name changed for confidentiality) who came to me EMBARRASSED at how much anger and agitation were ruling her postpartum.

After working with me, she said “I can’t believe how calm I feel. You changed more than me, you changed my marriage.”

Operating from a place of safety can and SHOULD be your default settings

One that joyfully rejects negative inner chatter, stress response cycle, and missing out on your life today, EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Meet Kyria (name changed for confidentiality) who was able to set boundaries with the time she was spending doing work without feeling like she would get fired for not being “on” all the time. The result?

She stopped making decisions about work (that compromised her life) from a fear-based mentality. She kept her job, her family time, and her sanity? YES!

It’s funny how (but also NOT!) anxiety just transfers to one season of your life to the next. In college anxiety helped you graduate with honors because you were so afraid of failing. Oddly enough, this same cycle got you a promotion in your career or helped you start your business. 

Now that you’re a mom, guess what? The cycle is still there. Only difference is there’s no honors program or promotion. 

Good news is, you can end this cycle. It’s NEVER too late. 

Having an evidence-based, step-by-step process can work for you even if you’re knee deep. 

“Even though it’s amplified after having kids, I feel like I’ve been anxious my whole life. Is it even worth trying to live another way at this point?”

You care about your family - That’s a GOOD thing.

*And* Don’t let guilt be the driver of your intentions. Serving anxiety her eviction notice does NOT have to come at the expense of losing your family or dare I say being a “bad mom”. 

You are not selfish for wanting to experience life beyond anxiety. 

With the right approach + your dedication to the process, your nervous system will be thanking you for curating the time to manage your anxiety, all while supporting you in being the calm and present Parent and Partner you’ve always dreamed of - without guilt.

“I feel like I’ve already taken too much time away from my family because of work. Focusing on this is just going to make me feel more guilty.”

“I need to take more parenting classes to help me with sleep regression, tantrums, etc, BEFORE I invest in managing myself” 

Here are 3 absolute LIES you MUST let go of right now if you want to stop being on edge, be less agitated by the “little” things and experience more peace in the next 12 weeks than you have… well, ever.


Mmm.. uh uh.

Trying to tackle milestones, sleep regression, and relationship changes WITHOUT focusing on you is why you feel like you’re in constant survival mode -- all of your time and energy flow towards making sure the kids have the perfect night time setup, and doing everything yourself so you don’t seem like a burden to your partner. 

It’s time to relieve yourself from worrying only about curating a nice little comfy life for them and not thinking of what you need at all.

Take a deep, calming breath and know that this is NOT how your life has to be, it’s NOT your fault that you’re in this *very* common position, and we’re going to get you out of it + thriving through it. 



Maybe you’ve heard you need to do a bunch of tips, tricks, and repeat scripts in order to manage anxiety, and you might see a slight change for a bit…

(Albeit at the expense of you trying to perfect not being perfect.)

But what if we saw your life NOT as a doing factory filled with things that only make you feel more anxious. Which defeats the point, right?

And what if…

You were ALREADY equipped with *just the right* information rewired your belief that you are only as valuable as what you produce and turned it into I am valuable even if I’m doing nothing. 

The fastest way to detaching yourself from Anxiety is with the SAFE Framework

How Is This Possible?

A peak into the Education, Resources, and Support you get in Reset

Reset leans all the way into a step-by-step process full of evidence-based skills with me as your guide to identify triggers, manage anxiety and overwhelm, and set boundaries with your time.
You’ll have in-depth and practical tools and resources to continue your deep work outside of sessions with a digital workbook with action items that you can complete in less than 15 mins a day. 

Meet via Zoom for weekly high-level coaching through the process and resources

The system

the supplies

The Support

Mom of two, Licensed Therapist, and go-to Guide for rebuilding and curating a work-mom life beyond survival mode. You can just call me The Mom Whisperer.  

After having two girls thirteen months apart, I was smacked in the face with how slow I had to move. As a person who was used to doing all the things (and by myself might I add), I was so frustrated with how little I could actually get done between being a mom and doing what I loved.

That frustration fueled a fire to work harder and push faster. You know what that did don't you?

Burnt me to a crisp and kept me in survival mode.

Quite frankly I was forced to rest. But once I got there, I knew I couldn't go back to go go go and then hard stop pattern. I took my Therapy training and put it to good use to help me find the real problem, manage my emotions, and built an intentional life through boundaries with time.

I took what I learned and used it to help over 200 new moms escape survival mode. And now I want to help you do it too. 

Allow me to show you how the SAFE Framework can come to life in YOUR life…

Hey there! I’m Chasity.

About your Coach


I attended your Coping through Covid call and it was so helpful, still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety. 

"I'm still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety"

*screams* yassss

Through core phases, exercises, and support (and more) you’ll use the SAFE Framework to be able to come out of the stress cycle, all with a fresh perspective of who you are beyond anxiety.

The Reset Coaching Program



The SAFE Framework is a COMPLETE, step-by-step system which…
Step 1: Stop the Anxiety Cycle First, While unlearning the negative beliefs that got you there (we’ll identify what specific beliefs and thought patterns are holding you hostage and you’ll learn how to rewire them) 

phase one


Activate Your Emotion Regulation Skills, so you manage your reactions to stress meaning no more anger or agitation build up that leads to yelling, resentment, or conflict.

phase two


Find your Identity Outside of Anxiety, leaving you clear on how you’ll balance work-mom life without guilt and anxiety.

phase three


Establish boundaries that keep you out of survival mode. ‘Cause here’s the thing… You don’t want to feel powerless over the most critical part of protecting your new found peace. 

Now, you no longer have to. 

phase four

The Proven Path to Peace

when can i start!

Say “I’m Committing to a Peace-filled Identity” TODAY and…

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five monthly payments

✔️The SAFE Framework
✔️12, 1:1 Zoom Calls with Chasity 
✔️The Digital Workbook

✔️The SAFE Framework
✔️12, 1:1 Zoom Calls with Chasity 
✔️The Digital Workbook


I especially loved the assessment piece which allowed me to see what I need to focus on. And it's something I can go back to every few weeks to check in with myself.

"The assessment piece allows me to focus"

You’ve been feeling this nudge to rest more, play more. And if you had support, you believe you could actually do it. It’s time to re-evaluate the design of your life and career/business so you feel energized again.

RESET was designed to unveil the version of you that intentionally walks towards your dream of living a balanced life.

I hear you! I was there… staying up late to finish work projects/clean the house. Skipping lunch. And felt like adding “one more thing” to a never-eding to do list would be that final Jenga block that brought everything tumbling down.

But here’s the thing…When is the best time? 🤧 Waiting for your kids to get older or for things to slow down at work will only dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of later.

I don’t want that for you! And I know you don’t either. I believe the best time is always the time you have right now.

On my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff during our 45 min calls and the exercises should take you less than 15 mins to do a day.

There are a lot of opinions and services that tell you “this is the way!!”. While I’m 
not perfect, I do bring a decade of clinical Therapy experience to the table. 

Now, I won’t be your Therapist but my knowledge and skillset come with me wherever I go. This means I come from an ethically sound and evidence-based approach when working with you.

The SAFE Framework is something I’ve used to walk myself (hello!) and hundreds of other moms through. And the beauty of us working closely together is that we can customize your learning to YOU.

While I am a Licensed Therapist, I will not act as your Therapist during our Coach + Client relationship. If you are in need of a Therapist or medical attention please find a Provider or go to your nearest emergency room.

We’ll meet weekly for a 45 min video session for 12 weeks. Sessions are scheduled on a recurring basis for the same day and time (ex. Wednesdays @ 3:3pm CST). I’ve found this to be the most effective way to help our mom brains out! We’ll work together to find a day + time that works best for our schedules.

You can start now! In fact, I suggest saving your seat as spots for 1:1 are limited and fill up fast!

Good questions! Everyone is SO different so it’s hard to give a for sure answer to this. However, using The SAFE Framework, I’ve seen clients start to report less stress within 45 days. Since we’ll have 90 days together, it’s only up from there!

I will constantly be assessing where you are and provide an open space for you to chime in on the pace at which you grow. After all, this is your journey.


then I absolutely CANNOT wait to coach you inside of Reset!

If you found yourself nodding your head to at least 4 of the 6 points above,

  1. You’re a mom of young children who currently has a career or business
  2. You’ve been trying to get out of the survival mode grind for months (or even years) but haven’t been able to make anything ‘stick’
  3. You have no problem putting in the work in order to design a life beyond anxiety’s control… You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and “get er done”
  4. In fact, you’re ALREADY investing added time and energy like following the mom accounts on IG and Tiktok and listening to your favorite podcasts… but you’re afraid that analysis paralysis on which approach is best (aka perfect) will keep you stuck
  5. You care about your family and want to be present with them. You’re over the days of being zombied out from the work and home chaos.
  6. You’re currently feeling a wave of renewed possibility that balance is possible, and not in the everything is even way but in the everything is intentional way.

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I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I'm glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts.

"I'm glad I have the tools now"

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