If balancing motherhood and work feels like you’re stuck in survival mode and productivity shame, this is for you.

It’s time to get you out of Fight or Flight. It’s time to RESET

12-week, one-to-one coaching experience designed to help new moms get out of survival mode and rebuild a life of intention through emotional safety and boundaries with their time.

You’ve always been good at being an Overachiever. Once you lock eyes on something, it will happen.

Your ambition is important to you and productivity is your second language.

That’s why after having children, continuing to grow in your career or build your business was a no-brainer.

You envisioned a life where you could:

Continue to make 897 goals

for the week and do a little happy dance once you checked them off your to-do list

Separate work from motherhood

Separate work from motherhood with clear boundaries so you weren’t the stereotypical “Corporate Tv Mom” whose daycare/nanny knows more about their kids than they do

Be the good mom

That models how to go after your passions without sacrificing home life all while doing all the things you use to do before having kids

But instead, you’ve become addicted to productivity and allergic to rest. You’re feeling


Your stress levels slowly creep up around 12:00 pm every Sunday when you realize you’re heading into another work week with a million deadlines waiting on you.


One fire is always interrupted by another fire. You’re exhausted by the mental gymnastics of never truly being off.


You use to be able to do everything – effortlessly. And now with all your effort, it’s still not enough. You’re convinced you’re doing something wrong.

My clients have been where you are

They usually come to me feeling defeated by the demands of motherhood and going after their passions. They’ve been achievers their whole life and now they’ve reached a point where achieving comes at a much greater cost. They’re stuck in survival mode.

Can You Relate?

You’ve tried listening to the “rest is productivity” mantra and it ain’t working. You need a concrete way to build awareness around the root of your emotions and why you keep getting trapped in the burnout cycle.

You’ve been thinking about creating more ways to prioritize what you desperately need but feel it’s impossible to receive. You just need more than a motivational IG post to help you do it.

You’re ready to stop attaching what you do to who you are. But first, you need the tools to actually define who you are post children.

If you’re wondering how to prioritize yourself while balancing work and motherhood long-term, RESET has the blueprint to help you get there.

RESET is designed to help you get out of survival mode with the support of these two core functions

12 one-to-one coaching sessions

Meet via Zoom for 45 minutes of high-level coaching to learn my step-by-step process full of practical evidence-based skills with me as your guide to identify triggers, manage anxiety and overwhelm, and set boundaries with your time.

Implementation Support

Continue your deep work outside of sessions with a digital workbook with action items that you can complete in less than 15 mins a day.

pay in full


12 one-to-one sessions

Email Support

EASE Method Workbook

Planning + Strategy Templates.

pay as you grow

$749 x 5

12 one-to-one sessions

Email Support

EASE Method Workbook

Planning + Strategy Templates.

I just wanted to thank you for that comparison course. I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I’m glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts.


By the end of RESET you’ll have everything you need to:


Identify your triggers that pull you back into flight-or-fight mode and learn how to disarm your default stress response.

Once you uncover why burnout keeps visiting you like she pays rent, you’ll be able to serve an eviction notice.


Manage your anxiety, overwhelm, and ultraindependence by befriending your nervous system, emotions, and asking for help.

Being calmer has less to do with a candle-lit bubble bath and more to do with how well you meet your body and emotions without judgment.


Gain confidence in making value-based decisions and setting life-changing boundaries in your work and home life that preserve you and your time.

You make a million decisions a day about how you’ll spend your time. Manage it well and you’ll mess around and be who you’ve always wanted to be.

RESET is designed to help new moms get very specific results.

So let’s make sure we’re a good fit

RESET is for…

the new mom who

Had a baby within the last 2 years and currently has a career or owns a business

Wants to rise out of survival mode by building an intentional and self-aware life

Is Ready to holistically take care of themselves without feeling lazy or guilty

Desires to curate the time they have so they can be present with their family without sacrificing their career or business growth

Done waiting until their kids get older to prioritize themselves

RESET is not for…

the new mom who

Doesn’t currently have a career or their own business

Doesn’t feel like they’re stuck in survival mode

Wants the fairy God-mother to magically grant them more awareness, emotional stability, and time without actually working for it

Thinks being intentional with their time is pointless and doesn’t work

Wants to wait until their kids get older to start taking care of themselves

Meet Your Host

HEY– I’m Chasity Holcomb

I’m Chasity. Wife, mama of 2, and passionate Therapist, Coach, and Business Owner. I’m a fellow Achiever and Productivity Seeker just like you.

After I had my girls, I was smacked in the face with how slow I had to move. As a person who was used to doing all the things (and by myself might I add), I was so frustrated with how little I could actually get done between being a mom and doing what I loved.

That frustration fueled a fire to work harder and push faster. You know what that did don’t you?

Burnt me to a crisp and kept me in survival mode.

Quite frankly I was forced to rest. But once I got there, I knew I couldn’t go back to go go go and then hard stop pattern. I took my Therapy training and put it to good use to help me find the real problem, manage my emotions, and built an intentional life through boundaries with time.

I took what I learned and used it to help over 200 new moms escape survival mode. And now I want to help you do it too.

XO chasity

You might have seen me in:
and I’m guessing you’re reading this because

A mom who’s ready to

Stop dancing with non-stop stress and anxiety under the disguise of “work-mom life”

Feeling deep shame for not being able to be the perfect mom and high-performing employee/business owner.

Trying to find the answers to your burnout on Instagram and Pinterest graphics instead of investing in evidence-based principles led by a Therapist.

RESET was designed to unveil the version of you that intentionally walks towards your dream of living a balanced life.

You’ve been feeling this nudge to rest more, play more. And if you had support, you believe you could actually do it. It’s time to re-evaluate the design of your life and career/business so you feel energized again.

You Asked. I Answered.

Click the plus sign to see what you’re looking for.

RESET was crafted especially for Women of young children who are overwhelmed with managing work + home life without losing themselves in this process. If that sounds like you and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves to create evidence-based emotional + life management skills, I’d be honored to serve you!

When is the best time? 🤧 Waiting for your kids to get older or for things to slow down at work will only dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of. I believe the best time is always the time you have right now.

You can start now! In fact, I suggest saving your seat as spots for 1:1 are limited and fill up fast! We’ll work together to find a day + time that works best for your schedule.

I hear you! There are a lot of opinions and services that tell you “this is the way!!”. While I’m not perfect, I do bring a decade of clinical Therapy experience to the table. Now, I won’t be your Therapist but my knowledge and skillset come with me wherever I go. This means I come from an ethically sound and evidence-based approach when working with you.

This is NOT Therapy!

While I am a Licensed Therapist, I will not act as your Therapist during our Coach + Client relationship. If you are in need of a Therapist or medical attention please find a Provider or go to your nearest emergency room.

12 weeks will fly on by! If you need more time and if I have availability, we can extend your coaching package. If you know you’d like to start off with a longer package, please let me know during our consult call.

The investment of $2997 or $749 x 5 reflects the level of support, value, and expertise you’ll experience during our time together. Need a different payment plan? Please let me know during our consult call.

Please email chasity@momfullyyou.com with all other questions.

Btw, I really appreciate all your support and wisdom these last few months. It helped more than I could ever articulate.


It’s time to stop letting your ultraindependance keep you from receiving support.

How much longer will you search for “how to find work-life balance with young kids” on google only to feel more disappointed and defeated that you’re not seeing any forward movement?

How much more of your capacity will be sacrificed in the name of unconditional love because of your deep fear that you will be a bad mom?

How much longer will you quiet your desires of wanting a deeper connection with yourself before you trust that you aren’t overacting for wanting more from this season of your life?

You don’t have to be the mom that waits until her kids are gone to college to find time for yourself.

You don’t have to be stuck feeling anxious and overwhelmed all the time just because you’re a working mom.

You can recreate an identity that honors your needs, values, and ambition. The legacy you want to build, the mom you want to be, and the person you want to become is within reach. Now it’s up to you to take action.

Your journey to balance starts with these 3 simple steps

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