Being a high-achieving Christian mom who's breaking cycles shouldn't cost you your peace. Let’s detach your identity from anxiety so you can build deeper connections with yourself, your husband and children.

Step into a new identity as a wife and mom without anxiety

God has begun a good work in you and despite childhood hurt from one or both parents, you can reshape your lineage. Yes, even if you feel stuck in the messiness of working a triple (wife, mom, work) we can help you step into your miracle.

Modern Marriage and Motherhood as a Miracle.

round here, we treat

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I know what it feels like to parent your children as you're reparenting yourself while facing the mirror that we call marriage.

I've turned my clinical knowledge into a virtual classroom to help high-achieving Christian moms manage their anxiety and develop deep, fulfilling connections with their husband and children. I'm a root finder and a solution simplifier and I can't wait to be your coach.

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Build a secure connection with your husband by healing the root of your anxiety. Grow beyond the fractured view of close relationships that you gained from your parents and finally experience true freedom in your marriage.



Decrease your anxiety around your child's behavior and build a deeper, long lasting connection with your children. Let's raise children whose first impression of God's love was seen in the safety of your unconditional love, and relentless pursuit of parenting with intention.



Discover connection beyond anxiety

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For high-achieving Christian moms who want to do family relationships differently. Meet me in your inbox every week for intentional chats about partnering with God to redefine your lineage.

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”If I haven’t said this enough recently thank you so much for everything you do for us moms out here. Not feeling alone on this journey is such a wonderful feeling!”

LaShonda doesn't feel like she has to break cycles alone


I just wanted to thank you for this training. I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I'm glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts.

Lindsey has the tools to shift out of the thought spirals


"I’ve never been one to yell so I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stop yelling. It wasn’t until I started working with you that I understood how to recognize my triggers but also stop it before it leads to yelling."

Alex learned to yell less and connect more