life after children is different.
let's make it dynamic.

Giving Comes Easy to You

Mama, you know what it feels like to sacrifice (sleep, where you at?!) to raise your littles. I mean, my goodness, do you know what it means to 

 give of yourself

But now it’s time to give TO yourself. 

 Lean into this space that makes room for YOU.  Because she matters, and she’s certainly worth knowing and nurturing too. 

I've got some things that can help you with that.


Breaking the Cycle of Inadequacy

This live workshop is for you!
Come rebuild your internal validation so that you can manage negative beliefs about yourself and develop your sense of enoughness.

But let’s not stop there, Mama!

Let's kick this up a notch


Ever want to do something about “not letting yourself go” but need just a littttle guidance and accountability to help? 

I got you! Momfully You Academy is a private  online community where I teach you how to reclaim your identity and love the authentic version of yourself through:

  • step-by-step roadmap
  • monthly q&a calls
  • Life classes
  • private community
  • downloadable worksheets
  • Member-only podcast

Sound like it could be your jam? Come and join us! I’d be happy to see you there.

you belong here

The real, bare boned you – stripped of every unrealistic expectation of the things you “should” be doing. That girl. She belongs here. 

Oh, hey!

I’m Chasity. I’m a wife to the best man I know, blessed with the cutest girls on earth, a therapist, and enneagram coach.

And I have to tell you, I get chill bumps thinking about helping moms like you journey through discovering their new identity after having children. 

I’m passionate about helping the woman behind the role of mother. She’s special. She’s valuable. And she deserves to be known. 

With over 10 years of experience and expertise, I consider myself a guide in your journey of finding new ways to connect to and nurture yourself. Because man do you deserve it!

Let’s cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself, together. 

Love a good story? Wait until you hear mine!

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