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simple solutions to overcome anxiety and overwhelm as a working mom

Being stuck in survival mode ends now. For real this time.

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Maybe anxiety has always been a little friend of yours. Except before you had kids, you used it to fuel your achievements and work towards your career or business. 

But now that you're in your post-kiddo era, your anxiety is draining every aspect of your life.

You can honor your ambition and be a good mom without sacrificing your sanity 

what if you could say goodbye to autopilot and achievement shame

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Your go-to Guide for rebuilding and curating a work-mom life beyond survival mode. You can just call me The Mom Whisperer.

After having two girls thirteen months apart, I was smacked in the face with how slow I had to move. As a person who was used to doing all the things (and by myself might I add), I was so frustrated with how little I could actually get done between being a mom and doing what I loved.

That frustration fueled a fire to work harder and push faster. You know what that did don't you?

Burnt me to a crisp and kept me in survival mode.

Just a mom of two and licensed Therapist who's always sporting grandma-vibes and singing songs I don't know the words to.

Hi darling, I'm Chasity

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