After having two girls thirteen months apart, I was smacked in the face with how slow I had to move. As a person who was used to doing all the things (and by myself might I add), I was so frustrated with how little I could actually get done between being a mom and doing what I loved.

That frustration fueled a fire to work harder and push faster. You know what that did don't you?

Burnt me to a crisp and kept me in survival mode.

Mom of two, Licensed Therapist, and go-to Guide for rebuilding and curating a work-mom life beyond survival mode. You can just call me The Mom Whisperer. 

I'm Chasity.

Hi  darling!

Becoming a Mom Would Cost You Your Career?
Or Reversed?

have you ever wondered if...

Licensed Professional Counselor

My Credentials So You Know It's Real

Texas Board of Behavioral Health

At Momfully You We Are

After fighting the pattern of go HARD and then can't move, I figured ( aka was forced) I'd rewire some of those beliefs and cycles that were keeping me stuck.

I took my ten years of Therapy training and put it to good use to help over 200 new moms escape survival mode. And now I want to help you do it too. 

I believe ambition and motherhood can coexist without self-sacrifice.

geniune //

generous //

granular // 

There's a constant heart-check going on over here! Our decisions and interactions come from a place of sincerity that outlasts the services we provide. We believe in authentic and pure intentions in everything we do. 

The magic is in the details, honey! We comb through every process behind the scenes and in our education so that YOU feel like no stone was left unturned.

In the words of Oprah, "You get a car!" We freely give our knowledge, resources, support, and vulnerability to help you thrive. 

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified

Medical University of South Carolina

Perinatal Mental Health Provider - Trained

Postpartum International

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - Trained 

Institute for Creative Mindfulness 

Masters of Arts in Counseling

Dallas Baptist University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Belmont University

Ok, I'm ready

You're worth rebuilding who you are without anxiety.

Work with me

I know you're use to silent solutions. You know, scrolling through Pinterest, Ig, blogs, and YouTube for answers. 

And I get it.

Asking for help, especially when you've been conditioned to be the peace-keeper, is a hard thing to do. 

But trust that there's so much more on the other side of your vulnerability about those last 20 mins before you *finally* go to sleep looks like. 

what do you say we rewrite this story of yours